Australian Shepherd Breeder near Augusta, ME


Australian Shepherds

Breed Characteristics 

Miniature Australian Shepherds (Aussies) are a hardy and rustic breed—a little longer than tall. They have slightly rounded heads, medium-length muzzles and almond-shaped eyes. Their ears are triangular and set high, their chests are deep and their tails are straight. They have a medium-length, weather-resistant coat that’s slightly wavy, creating a little bit of a mane. Like their larger cousins, Miniature Australian Shepherds can be found in black with white and/or tan markings , blue merle with white and/or tan markings , red merle with white and/or tan markings re solid-red or red with white and/or tan markings. Overall, Miniature Australian Shepherds have a rugged but cuddly look.


Aussie are people dogs and are happiest with their master and or family. Aussies bond tightly with their owner and family due to there  inherited herding instinct. They are gentle with children and are a true companions for adults in the family.


The Aussie is a very energetic breed that requires daily exercise to keep them healthy and happy! Running playing with kids or other dogs retrieving a ball , swimming, or hiking !  Aussies will adaptable to the city or town life . Its best to keep them in a fenced in area or in your home  to keep them safe  when not being supervised.

Vet Care

Your Puppy requires parasite control and a series of vaccinations to prevent  life threatening diseases. We recommend  you chose a veterinarian that  you feel comfortable  working with  your Aussie. Make sure to take all the records  you receive from you breeder  so your vet can look over and know your puppies history. Always keep your Vaccinations and worming up to date to provide your new family member a long and happy life!